London and South East England Regions

Teachers and other educators building a learning community for the global dimension


Local4global contacts

Brighton - Brighton Peace and Environment Centre
Canterbury - WEDG
Edenbridge, Kent - Commonwork
Milton Keynes -
Reading - RISC
London -
HEC Global Learning Centre
West Sussex - edji training
Winchester - Centre for Global Awareness

Journeys in Global Learning

Journeys in Global LearningThis booklet illustrates the activities and outcomes of Local4Global.  

Global Dimension

Top TipsDCSF (2008) Top Tips to develop the global dimension. Eight-page booklet. 

I travelled the world to find it was just around the corner

water dropletLocal4Global has sent a DL-size card with this quote to schools in London and South East England to prompt use of this website. It was addressed to "Global Learning Champion" ...

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