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Teachers and other educators building a learning community for the global dimension

Edji Training


What we do
We are a not-for-profit company that offers training and support for schools, youth organisations, businesses, public authorities and other organisations.

We help people to:
• Understand the meaning of equality and fairness
• Not offend unwittingly in using language or imagery
• Tackle discrimination
• Understand local and global issues
• Act sustainably

Practical, Interactive Training
We offer training on the broadest range of issues concerning Global Citizenship, such as equality, diversity and sustainability - for schools, businesses and other organisations. Your options are flexible, both in location and type of course. Find out more about the wide range of training we offer.

Experienced Consultancy
Our experienced consultants have worked with a wide range of clients to ensure they have strong workplace practice and policies with regards to equalities legislation and discrimination law. We also help schools audit their current provision and establish how Global citizenship issues can be embedded more deeply in the whole school ethos and curriculum.

High Quality Resources
We have over 15 years' experience writing on Global Citizenship. Our latest resource "Thinking for Global Citizenship" helps you to address some of the most challenging and important issues of our time through open questions related to cross-curricular topics. Use our resource guide to find some of our favourite texts and links to support you.

Contact Mary or Mike for more details:

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